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Only Jehovah's Witnesses - July 2017 is under the Quotes section, listing quotes where the Watchtower claims their followers to be unique, such as that "only Jehovah's Witnesses" practice Godly love. - May 2017 There are many discussions online regarding whether Charles Russell, Watchtower founder, was a Freemason. Similar Religions to Jehovah's Witnesses- Inglesia Ni Cristo - Apr 2017 Watchtower View of Homosexuality & Transgender - May 2016 - The 2016 Awake!No.4 states Jehovah's Witnesses are not prejudice against homosexuals, yet regularly describes homosexuality as a vile, sick perversion practiced by people with disgraceful sexual appetites.A throuple, I learned, can be any combination of men and women and really doesn't involve a ton of threesomes sexually. But this week a woman called in to Dear Prudence, Emily Yoffe's advice column at Slate, in a pickle.She'd fallen, it seems, into a relationship with twin brothers. But her friends had shunned her for being a total minx and she wasn't sure whether to keep dating both of them.

The celeb socialite celebrated her birthday alongside all kinds of celebs in a Friday night disco-themed bash at The Standard in Hollywood — and we are loving all the pictures snapped to Nicole IG story (above)!!!

Vegetarianism: Past and Future - Apr 2016 - Watchtower teaches that God created humans and all animals as vegetarians despite scientific evidence that animals were meat eaters well before the existence of humans.

Animal Suffering - Apr 2016 - Watchtower teaches that whilst humans were to live forever, animals grew old and died.

Comparative list of Scriptures the New World Translation translates proskuneō as obeisance instead of worship. - Jan 2015 The Hardship of being a Gay Jehovah's Witness - Jul 2014 1919 - How Derived - Jun 2014 Similar Religions to Jehovah's Witnesses- Two By Twos - Jun 2014 Higher Education - University - Dec 2013 Beards and Attire - Nov 2013 Kevin - PDF, a heartbreaking experience about growing up gay as a Jehovah's Witness - Jul 2013 United States Publisher Statistics - Mar 2013 United Kingdom Publisher Statistics - Mar 2013 Misquotes, Deception & Lies - Feb 2013 Global Flood - Is it Possible? - Aug 2012 Jehovah's Witness stance against Birthday Celebrations - Jul 20 - How 1919 is Derived Added new section outlining the historical occurrences between 19, disproving any claims that Jesus chose the organization as cleansed in 1919.

"I was single and living in South Beach when I met a couple and their friend who was into 'experimentation.' One day, they stopped by my apartment. One guy began kissing me while the other one hugged me from behind. In the end, we basically just 'took care of ourselves,' though I think the couple did have sex.