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Don’t get me wrong, I never contemplated taking it off hamdulilah but my relationship with hijab changed.

Growing up in the States, having a non-Muslim mother who had a very hard time with my hijab and working as an attorney at CAIR where I defended the right for Muslim women to wear hijab, I no longer had that strong conviction in hijab, that “say something, I you,” attitude toward hijab that I held so firmly back home.

Every town hall in Denmark have different criteria and rules when it comes to what is needed.

In addition, every international case is different with individuals sometimes needing to supply different or extra documentation.

Very early on during my time here I remember a conversation with a friend who shared her experience wearing hijab in Dubai, “ As she was speaking I felt myself completely disagreeing with her. I didn’t have a problem with stares or negative comments and for the most part the people around me were always respectful and if anything, simply curious.

Sure, you don’t have to worry about hijab here in Dubai, but I never worried about it living in the U. What I felt living here was the opposite of comfort – for the first time in my adult life I was actually at a crossroads with hijab.

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